sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2018

Too busy

But the Lord replied, "Martha, Martha, you worry and worry about all these details.
Only one thing is necessary. As for Mary, she made the right choice, and no one will take it from her. "
(Luke 10.41,42 NVT)

Jesus is in her house, but Marta is worried, even with good intention, she could not enjoy the presence of the illustrious visitor.

What has prevented you from "choosing the best part"?
Our activism can steal our pleasure from the Lord's company.

Well-intentioned, but unfocused, we work, we become restless, and without realizing it, it seems we want to embrace the world.
If we're about to want a 30-hour day, it's time to reconsider.
It is time to make the right choice, which will never be taken of us.

Have a peaceful day.

Pr Carlos R. Silva

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